At least 1,892 Black Lives Matter demonstrations have been held in the last 949 days
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  • "(est.)" next to numbers indicates that Alisa has estimated the number of demonstrators based on photos, video or other information about the demonstration.
  • The total number of demonstrations indicated above (1,892) includes more demonstrations than are listed below because some individual demonstrations have been combined into a single listing. For example, on 11/24/14, 170 cities held protests for Michael Brown. While each of these 170 protests are counted individually in the total indicated above, the record below does not list each of them individually. This applies to seven dates: 11/14/14 (National Moment of Silence); 10/22/14 (National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality); 11/24/14 (Night of Darren Wilson grand jury decision); 11/29/14 (Blackout Black Friday); 12/1/14 (#HandsUpWalkOut); 12/14/14 (Day after Daniel Pantaleo grand jury decision); 12/10/14 (#WhiteCoats4BlackLives).
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At least 1,892 Black Lives Matter demonstrations have been held in the last 949 days

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