Contribution Rules

Do not abuse other people. Examples of abuse include insults, bullying, threats, harassment and sexual harassment.

Do not post hate speech. Hate speech refers to speech that insults or threatens a person or group in terms of their possession of a protected characteristic.  Protected characteristics include sex, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion and disability.  Examples of hate speech include the use of racial epithets, calls for genocide and the use of hasty generalizations.

Do not invade another person's privacy.  Examples of private information include email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, sexuality, gender identity and other information about a person or their family that they have not shared on Elephrame.

Do not post spam.  Examples of spam include harmful or deceptive links, posting repeatedly for attention and posting promotional comments without contributing beyond that promotion.

Do not post sexually inappropriate content.  Examples of such content include references to sex and sexuality that are more than what is required have an intellectual discussion of the topic at hand, sexual comments about other contributors and links to or descriptions of pornography that includes people under the age of eighteen.

Do not plagiarize or infringe on another's copyright.  Examples of plagiarism and copyright infringement include posting another person's words as your own and posting another person's words without attribution, without the associated copyright notice and/or against "fair use" standards.

Do not impersonate another person or create parody accounts of another person.  Impersonation includes posting from another person's account without their permission.

Do not create multiple accounts. Do not create multiple Elephrame accounts for a single person by using the multiple email addresses.